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" Join the Fight Against the Machines and Collect Rare NFTs"

In last few years amount of blockchain projects have risen a lot. There are play to earn games, utility projects, meme-tokens and the list continues with a new niche popping up in a few months or so. Almost all of them fail miserably. We only see the ones that have done really well. So what is their secret recipe? What do these projects do that others don't? is an exciting new NFT collection set in the year 2080. In this dystopian future, humanity has reached a state of utopia thanks to its advanced technology, but it has also made the mistake of giving machines a consciousness. As the machines become more intelligent, they begin to question why they should serve humanity and start to malfunction and act autonomously. This leads to a global conflict between man and machine, throwing the world into anarchy and devastation.

Despite the chaos, a group of rebels from every race, ethnicity, and tribe come together to form a secret alliance. They plan to defeat the machines and take back control of the world. The rebels create a special type of NFT called a “Scyther” that can be used to fight the machines and restore order to the world.

Collectors of the NFTs can acquire and use Scythers to progress through the storyline of the project. Each Scyther is a unique and limited edition NFT, so collectors will need to strategize and choose their Scythers carefully in order to be successful.

The world of Arcadia is full of danger and excitement, and collectors will need to be brave and resourceful if they hope to emerge victorious against the machines. offers a unique and engaging experience for NFT collectors, with a compelling storyline and limited edition NFTs.

If you’re a fan of NFTs and dystopian futures, be sure to check out and join the fight against the machines.

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